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Let's begin with something we can both agree on: Not everybody is a video creation genius or guru. I am certainly not, and if you're like me, you probably rather write your content than spend countless hours trying to create a video only to see a finished product that is, at best amateurish in production and style, and at worst accomplishes absolutely nothing in terms of effectively conveying your message and attracting the kind of positive attention necessary to accomplish your viewership goals. In short, a complete waste of time.

But suppose there is NEW technology that can convert and transform any of your already-written articles into stylish, professional looking, highly converting videos. Would you take a look at it? Would you give it a try? You probably already know that, according to a study by aimClear, "Videos in Google search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text." This is a huge number that will have an enormously positive effect on your conversion rate and, most importantly, on your money-making ability.

No More Amature Quality! No More Countless Hours! No More Negative Traffic Stats!

When you harness the awesome power of this new Article Video Robot (AVR) technology you will have at your fingertips the ability to transform your articles into highly stylized videos in less than 2 minutes, automatically distribute your freshly created videos to more than 50 video-sharing and social sites that include YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and Slideshare with just a few simple clicks and capitalize on increased traffic and backlinks from high ranking sites.

Choose from 6 gorgeous video styles with stunning new interface to create highly engaging, traffic pulling videos for YouTube marketing without a camera or video editing. The new article to video wizard is loaded with features and works everywhere including your iPhone. In addition the AVR technology allows you to add your own personal human touch and connect with your viewers to convert them into buyers as only you can; And the unique YouTube SEO wizard boosts your traffic by 5 times what you'd have without it. The result?

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That having been said, most of the great videos in existence have been complimented by equally great audio and the NEW AVR technology is no different. Your video will be enhanced with cutting edge natural sounding voices that are considered the "best in the industry" and most natural computer voices that will be reading your articles in a smooth, professional-quality style sophisticated enough to stand with any. You can even record your own voice and the AVR system will create your video with your voice over presentation.

Think about this for a moment: "Article Video Robot is the world's only software that can convert any article into a video...", with just one single click! "You don't need to use a camera or do [any] video editing to make videos with Article Video Robot. Not only is the software extremely easy to use, but it creates very professional marketing videos with animation, music, graphics and a complete voice-over." Key words taken from the previous paragraph? the world's only software that can do what it does!

Attractive Videos! Sophisticated Audio Quality! Competitive Edge!


article video robot wizardry

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Trend-Setting eMail Marketing!


If you are not in the business of Web marketing to make a whole heap of money, achieve and live a debt-free lifestyle and leave a sizable inheritance for your children, then it is quite possible that you are in the wrong business; but if the goals and objectives outlined above sound like the reason(s) you became a Web marketer in the first place then you'd want to read on.

There are two very important services a Web marketer MUST have if s/he intends to operate a successful Web marketing enterprise. One is an eMail handling apparatus, without which it would be practically impossible to achieve any degree of success. The second is Web Hosting, without which you will not have a space from which to work and therefore should think seriously about a different type of business.

Furthermore, since it is clear that you do need to invest in an eMail Marketing service as well as Web Hosting space for your business, it makes sense to put your money into the very best of these services it can buy; and that's what we'd like to discuss with you for the rest of this section.

First, eMail Marketing. As the provider of a comprehensive eMail Marketing Software system that promises to create profitable customer relationships for your business, AWeber is arguably the best eMail Marketing Software company on the Web. Combining expertise, professionalism and excellent customer service, the company offers a suite of email marketing tools that includes, professional email signup forms & autoresponder services that make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with prospects.

It's no accident that over 120,000 businesses - from small to fortune 500 companies - trust AWeber email marketing software to deliver the best results for their email marketing campaigns. Here are some of the features, tools and resources you can expect from this eMail marketing trend setter.

Comprehensive Features:

  • Professional Email Newsletters
  • Subscriber Management
  • Over 150 HTML eMail Templates
  • Campaign Performance Tracking
  • Stylish Sign-up Forms
  • Autoresponder Follow-up
  • RSS to Designated eMails
  • eMail Marketing API
  • Subscriber Segmenting
  • eMail Deliverability Rate

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AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

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Innovative Web Hosting!


There are a few words that Web marketers like to see associated with a Web Hosting company they intend to host their business websites with. Among them are are "Unlimited" "Affordable" and "Easy." The last words are self explanatory, and can be determining factors in some Web marketers deciding to deal with a particular Web Host or not. The first word describes the capacity of certain necessary features specific to a Web host, and when it is not used to describe such capacities, knowledgeable and experienced marketers might turn away.

These features include: Domains hosted, Sub Domains hosted, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, cPanels, FTP Accounts, Disk Space and Bandwidth. HostGator is one of the World's 10 largest Web hosting companies and still growing. The company hosts more than 8,000,000 domains, employ a work force of over 850 (which is certainly enough to back up their claim of "superior around the clock support"); and the company offers a 45 day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee and promises the "VIP attention" each customer deserves.

By the way, one other feature Web marketers like to see associated with their web hosting company of choice is "99.9% uptime" and it's great when it is followed by the word, "GUARANTEE." Following are some of the features you can expect from this top ten Web Hosting company, included with the popular Reseller Package.

Comprehensive Features:

  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Sub Domains
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • UNLIMITED cPanels
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
  • FREE Application Hosting
  • FREE cPanel Control Panel
  • FREE Programming & Database
  • FREE Award Winning Support

In addition to all the above features you will be pleased to know that Green Web Hosting is also offered by this environmentally-friendly Web Hosting company. Smart Web Marketers recognize the value offered by these two companies and the prospects for their Web marketing success by working with them. This marketer highly recommmends both companies. You can click this AWeber link to start your $1. eMail marketing trial, and click this HostGator link for your business Web hosting. Alternatively, you can click either of the images below to visit the respective company.

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Yes! Stop Working Hard and Start Working Smart by taking advantage of YOUR Brand New Invitation to the Recently Launched AdlandPro Gold which comes with Our Offer to YOU of 3,000 FREE Advertising Credits, FREE Search Engine and Directories submissions to nearly 400,000 Authentic Locations, FREE Automatically Renewed Ad(s).

AdlandPro Classifieds has just launched a Monthly Renewable Affiliate Program - AdlandPro Gold. Be one of the first to join this new money maker! *** It's Destined to be HUGE! ***

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I have personally been affiliated with AdlandPro since 2008 and consider them to be the top Free Classifieds site on the Internet. I have earned a Consistent Monthly Income with the AdlandPro FREE affiliate program along with steady, FREE Banner Advertising for my websites.

Now, it's time to jump to the next level with one of the Premiere Marketing Names on the Internet, AdlandPro Gold. Join me in this ground floor opportunity, position yourself with a PROVEN Internet company...ALP Gold Affiliate Program

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And There Is MORE:

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  • YOUR Own Advertising Network - Earn CASH for driving traffic to your AdlandPro website! Free Banner Advertising - 5 displays to only 1 hit PLUS Earn Cash! YOUR Banners, Ads Displayed to Visitors Sent from your promotional efforts.
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  • URL Tracking for YOUR Ads
  • Value Added Services - Otherwise offered for a fee to regular visitors.
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  • Follow-up Autoresponder with List Capabilities!
  • 30% Commissions - Earn 30% commission on ALL sales. If you have just 3 monthly affiliate subscribers yours is paid for! PLUS You earn 30% on all sales from your site!
  • Gold Members ONLY Communication Software to Exchange Ideas with Other Members
  • Business Opportunity!
  • A Wealth of Promotional and Marketing Tools!
  • Plus Much MORE to Come!
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